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About Us

MasProShop, LLC. is an American family owned online retail company that is headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida. The company was founded by Jeff Mason in 2020 and incorporated on July 8, 2020.

Our Founder

Jeffrey (Jeff) Mason, founder and CEO of MasProShop, is an entrepreneur who started out as a building maintenance technician. He built a top-rated full service property management business and has successfully operated it for years. Over the years he found a need for a one stop shop that REALLY understands and caters to all phases of property maintenance, a shop that stocks only the best landscape equipment, tools, and parts to janitorial and building maintenance supplies.

Our Vision

The goal is to provide excellent customer service along with all of the industry leading and most innovative tools, electronics, clothing, and accessories that make all of our lives so much easier while on the job. Our plan is to do all of this while keeping your bottom line in mind.

MasProShop strives to be the number one online store for all working professionals, as well as the average person, who is looking for only the best products on the market. Our way of being unique is that we truly understand what people in the service industry deal with everyday. We know how important it is to stay productive, so we will always try our hardest to provide only the best products in your industry.

Stay Tuned We Plan On Simplifying Things

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